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Goldman, Microsoft, Deloitte, Cboe, and others plan to test the Canton Network blockchain in July 2023, linking apps using Digital Asset's Daml smart contract

A group of firms including Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Microsoft Corp, Deloitte and Cboe Global Markets Inc are joining a new blockchain system aimed at linking disparate institutional applications, potentially encouraging broader adoption of distributed ledger technology in financial markets.

This article reports on the launch of Canton, a new blockchain network that links different applications built with Daml, a smart contract language. The article explains the benefits and features of the network, as well as the names of the firms that are participating in it.

A new blockchain network called Canton is launching soon with the support of major firms like Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Deloitte and Cboe. The network aims to link different applications built with Digital Asset’s Daml, a smart contract language that enables interoperability across platforms. Canton promises to offer better privacy and controls for financial institutions, as well as a common standard and scale for blockchain adoption. The network will start testing some features in July 2023.

Key takeaways

  • Canton is a new blockchain network that connects applications built with Daml
  • The network is backed by leading firms in finance and technology
  • The network offers improved privacy and controls for financial institutions
  • The network seeks to foster broader blockchain adoption in financial markets
  • The network will start testing some features in July 2023
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